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Direct Traffic Coronavirus Plan

Posted By CV  
12:00 PM

Management at Direct Traffic would like to inform all interested parties on its plan to prevent the spread of Coronavirus. For now, Direct Traffic will continue trading, we will follow and implement the advice given to us by the Australian Department of Health.

  • We have cancelled all face to face meetings, interviews and limiting the number of people allowed at the office. Some of our office staff will be working from home starting today. The office doors will be locked, employees and visitors are asked to call ahead if needing to visit the office.
  • Our team leaders will be required to sign onto documents and the docket for all employees and clients to minimise contact and sharing of iPads. Team leaders will be writing the name of the person they are signing on for in the signature box to indicate that the employee or client has acknowledged the requirements and docket.
  • We have applied a one (1) person per vehicle rule. Only one person will be permitted to be in a company vehicle at any time. 
  • We will minimise staff rotations and ensure employees are working in the same teams where possible.
  • Our staff are asked to maintain a minimum of 1.5 metre distance between other persons.
  • For employees living away from home, where possible, we will be avoiding the need for employees to share accommodation.
  • Employees must notify management if they have traveled overseas or been in contact with a confirmed case.
  • Any Employee who feels unwell or develops symptoms including fever and cough must notify management. We ask that you do not come to work. We advise that you isolate yourself and seek medical attention.
  • We are supplying hand sanitiser, nitrile gloves and antibacterial wipes for all employees. Management will ensure these products are readily available in all places of work.
  • Employees are advised to clean hands frequently before eating and after going to the toilet.
  • Employees are advised to cover their cough and sneeze using the elbow or tissue, we ask that you dispose of tissues appropriately and clean your hands using supplied alcohol based sanitiser.
  • Avoid shaking hands with your colleagues, clients, and members of the public.
  • We will comply with client requests and ensure that our employees complete daily self-assessments to assess their fitness for work.

Thank you for your understanding, if you have any questions or concerns please contact management.